Lessons of my life.

Everybody experiences big changes in their life once in a while. And it doesn’t really matter if the change is actually big or it just feels like that, what is important is what are you learning from this change.

I know that I had moments like that in my past. It’s impossible not to have them – we’re living human beings, not stones, so changes are very big part of our life.

If you doubt that, try to remember your way of thinking when you were 13. Next step compare this memory to the present day. Any difference? I hope so. Otherwise you may be in a big problem.

Unfortunately I missed most of the lessons of my past, but I know that they are somewhere deep in my brain. I just need to find them and learn them again. But I’ll do it later. Procrastination is one of my favorite things.

As for now I can try to learn as much as I can from my current change. The best way to do so is analyzing my present, record it and analyze it again in the future when it will become the past.

Second step is try to remember as much as I can from my past and try to understand how it influenced my life today.

The third and the last step will be to put all this lessons together and use them to make my life better.

I don’t even expect that people will read this blog, it’s more like a diary that open for people who care about me and interested in what is going on through my had.

So why in English? It’s not my first and definitely not the best language*. But I know many people that this is the only language that we have in common.


*if you see any mistakes, please leave me feedback with your correction.


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