Exodus, Or how Moses screwed the Jews. Part 1.


Millions of Jews around the world celebrated Passover last week. It’s a wonderful holiday that brings families and friends together to read hagadah, eat a lot of food and drink four glasses of wine; usually it’s much more than four.

After Passover Seders are over, Jews everywhere are concentrating on how to survive the week without eating bread and how to be creative in cooking using matza. And yes, you need to be very creative to be able to eat this stuff for a week.

So we’re concentrating on the technical obligation not to eat bread and feel for a little bit how the children of Israel felt when they left Egypt and even didn’t have a time to bake normal bread. And we are almost not talking about more important issue, for me at least. What happened to those who listened to the crazy guy named Moses and agreed to leave Egypt? Or how I call it – “How Moses screwed the Jews”.

Let’s face it!

Most of them died during the 40 years of wondering in the desert and never saw the promised land.  And if you don’t realize how tragic it was, try to put yourself in their place. They were born into slavery and work in heavy constriction jobs till the death, generation after generation. Without developed traditions to maintain the memory or history lessons they couldn’t remember the times of glory in Egypt, not talking about the life in the promised land.

And then coming some crazy guy named Moses, that basically is a murderer that escaped from the punishment and run into desert. Even if the murder was in the name of helping other person it was still a murder. Even worse, it was a murder driven by radical ideology – a will to protect your people from discrimination.

So after being in the desert for a while he comes back to Egypt because he just talked with a burning bush that told him to take his people out of Egypt. And everybody should listen to him because some Elohim is with us.

How you would respond to his idea?


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