4th of July in Milwaukee

The reason why I made a stop in Milwaukee is to visit my friend Savannah that I met last year during alternative spring break in New Orleans. There are no particularly interesting sites to see in this city and it was too hot outside to do anything. So I was hanging out with friends the whole day and at the evening we went to see fireworks, and that was fantastic! We’ve found a very good spot and all the fireworks were right above us.

But I wanted to tell about what do I think about this holiday that for some reason almost never called “Independence Day”, but rather 4th of July. Why do I want to talk about that? Because USA as a country is pretty messed up, both foreign and domestic politics hurt many people around the world. This country was established on principles of freedom and liberty, but only for some people and the fact that this freedom for white people from Europe was on expense of entire population of indigenous people. “Indians” is the term that still used by many people, even if they have nothing to do with India, were displaced and murdered. Those who survived are living today in reservations, suffering from poverty and many other social problems. The wealth of this country was first build on slavery and later on exploitation of other countries, it was latin america first and today almost every country around the world suffers from globalization that makes US so powerful and rich. And I didn’t talk yet about all the wars that were started because of economical reasons.

This is the image of USA that most of the people around the world see. Another image is the  “american dream” of big suburban houses, SUVs and green grass lawns even in the desert. This “dream” is actually a nightmare that was manufactured by industry to make more profits from people. This consumerist culture is killing the planet and ruined communities. But most of the people around the world don’t understand that and trying to copy this lifestyle blindly.

If that’s what celebrated on 4th of July I don’t want to be a part of it. I know that many americans think the same.

But it’s not what celebrated. There is another image of US that many time we forgot because of all the messed up thing. This country is actually promoting values of freedom and liberty. And it’s a long process. There is no slavery anymore (at least in this country), women can vote, many refugees have found their new home and can live now normal life. Many scientific inventions help to save people around the globe. Achievements in arts and literature. The list is very long. People here are able to talk freely and keep fighting for these values.

Many times we take is as given, but USA brought many wonderful things to this world. Many people wouldn’t expect me to say that, but I really believe in that not less than in what I said in the beginning of this post. Things are messed up and we should fight to make them better. We have all the year to do that, so one day we can put all the problems aside and simply celebrate the actual values of this country and most important celebrate the people. Because americans are not entirely responsible for government’s deeds and shouldn’t be blamed for everything. That is the biggest change of my opinion that happened while I was living here. And this change happening to everybody who meet nice american people, so my suggestion to US citizens – go travel around the world, don’t afraid to meet other people and bring the best of what you have to offer, it will change the image that US has, I promise. And don’t forget to fight every day to make this country and this world better.


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