Why couchsurfing is so awesome. Part 2. Madison experience

The ride from Milwaukee to Madison maybe was the shortest, but probably the hottest so far. The strange wave of heat came through the Midwest and on my way I needed to ride through the record high temperatures.

Even if it took me only an hour to get there, plus few short stops, by the time I arrived I was soaking wet and tired. But my host from couchsurfing, Jon, opened the door to his chill house and offered cold cider on top, I couldn’t wish a better greeting. Welcome to Madison I thought for myself.

In the previous post I mentioned how I met Pelo, couchsurfer from Madison. Also I knew another guy who’s is living in Madison for the summer – Dennis. He was riding a bicycle from New York to Madison (and you thought that I’m crazy?) to study Kazakh and on the way crashed on my couch. I could definitely stay with one of them, but I preferred to stay with someone that I didn’t know from 2 reason – I always like to meet new people and I it’s always nice to stay with new couchsurfers. It’s always harder to start, because people tend to trust less to host/surfers with no references that’s why it’s important to meet with them even if you don’t want to surf and give honest opinion about them, the community only will benefit from that.

But it didn’t mean if I stay with Jon I’m not going to see Dennis and Pelo. The best part of couchsurfing is that people are always open to the idea of meeting new people, so Dennis invited Jon and me to the dinner at the co-op that he lived and it was awesome! I’m not familiar personally with many communities like that and I was very happy to have a chance to see how the ideas of sharing space, food and time together can work if you have the desire to do so and developed a good communication in order to make common decisions.

The dinner was great. Of course it was vegetarian (I’ll post later my views on food) and followed with a good local beer (it was my contribution for the dinner). Dennis showed us around and explained how everything works here and we had a good conversation about how many things we actually need to own, and as you can guess that the conclusion of conversation between two people who travel on two wheels was simple – not as much!

The next stop of the night included great conversations, beer and live music on the shore of the lake Mendota. It was a great choice for the place to wait till it will cool down. The music was very interesting and very unusual for America, and we talked a lot about how much Madison is different from the rest of the states. Meanwhile Jon’s friends and Pelo joined us and we continued to explore the city through different bars and rooftops. Tip for the future: when you play with lasers, don’t point them on the police car J

My experience in Madison was great! It was only my second time in the city and I barely knew the people that I was hanging out with or just met them, I felt that I’m with good and fun people and felt comfortable like I knew them for a while. And for, me that’s the proof how easy people can communicate with each other and tools like couchsurfing make it even easier by creating a community of people who are open minded enough to open their house to new people.

Conclusion – join now and you will know what I’m talking about.

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