Simple fun in the middle of nowhere

I wasn’t expecting anything when I’ve found a couch in Marietta, MN, I was just looking for place to stay between Minneapolis and the western part of South Dakota. So from many requests to people in different small towns in that area, one guy helped me to found a couch in Marietta because he was out of town and wasn’t able to host me. About the rest I, guess nobody replied because they are not very active on the website, and it’s easy to understand why – there are not too many people travel through that area. But made a search about the town before I accepted an invitation. Population 162, that’s the only thing that I’ve found, probably the smallest town that I’ve ever been. But it was in a perfect location for the stop before Eagle Butte (I wanted to volunteer with the native American community there), and my host Nicole seemed nice from her profile.

She warned me warned me that she has 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, and asked if I’m fine with that. Well I thought, I love dogs, I’m ok with cats and depends about the children, so I decided to accept the invitation.

I arrived there after almost 5 hours of riding, even if it was suppose to take much shorter. Apparently when some roads under construction in Minnesota they just close an entire road instead of a lane and you need to take 40 km detour.  Also it was THE most boring ride of my life – the view didn’t change, it was only corn fields, so I needed to take more frequent stops not to fall asleep. And I thought Ohio was bad..

But everything got better from the moment I arrived. I’ve found small family in the middle of nowhere that seems to create a bubble of fun for themselves in order to survive there and I was fortunate to be a part of it for a short time.

The evening was spent with a lot of jokes, funny games and interesting stories. The kids, Madi and Jack, happened to be very funny and curious, but not annoying at all, so it was very interesting to explain different aspects of my background and traveling. I was invited to stay another day and I agreed because I still waited to hear back from the reservation in Eagle Butte and also how could I refuse? The plan was to get breakfast in the local dinner, swimming in the pool, fishing and Wii tournament. It was a while since the last time I played we and even much longer since the last time I went fishing. So all the things planned actually happened and I have to say that it was a lot of fun and also very refreshing to spend a day doing simple enjoyable things and you don’t have to be in the big city to enjoy life.

I guess this what I learned in the small town on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota.


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