Taking the ferry

Ironically enough when I went to register my bike in La Paz I discovered that it’s a wrong place and nor immigrations or customs deal with vehicle registration and all I need to do is go few hours before the ferry and do it in Banjercito office which is located in the port and opens every time there’s is a ferry.  Love misinformation. So I decided to open “Tips” page where I will concentrate all the useful information that I learned about traveling on motorcycle.

La Paz - Mazatlan ferry

The process itself is not complicated at all, but it can take some time I take at least 2-3 before the ferry. I did it all in 1.5 but I was stresses all the time.

The port is located at Pechelingue that is 15 km north of La Paz and it’s actually a well paved road with a beautiful view.

First you go to Banjercito office with all the paperwork (Passport, Mexican visa, vehicle registration) and a copy of each (you can make a copy in immigration office for 2 pesos each. After they verify all the documentation (it’s very important to came the same name on all of the documents) they are ready to issue the temporary permit for your vehicle. The fee is $44 (641 pesos) and the deposit for a bike older then 2000 is $200 (2,626 pesos), which I should receive back when I leave the country. It’s better pay with credit card or cash in dollars, because if you pay in peso they first convert it to dollars on their rate and it’s not a very good one. It doesn’t make any sense, but whatever. That’s it! Even the fact my bike is American and I’m Israeli didn’t confuse them and I got my permit. They give a sticker for a find shield but I don’t know what to do with that if you don’t have one.

After that I went to buy the ticket. I was stressed that something will go wrong with the paper work so I didn’t want to buy it before everything was done. It costs 1960 pesos for a passenger and a bike. The cabins are much more expensive and I sleep well enough in a seat.

With a ticket and the registration you finally can go through customs (aduana), they ask some questions, charge 72 pesos for something and let you in. Then you just wait near the ferry before they let you in.

You should take everything you need for a night because they not let you go down till Mazatlan.

The ferry itself is pretty nice, the seats are comfortable and you can watch some Hollywood movies in Spanish, which is a very good practice if you want to lean language.

The food was surprisingly good for a place like that and included in the ticket price. But remember to go there as soon as it starts because people are tend to eat more than they suppose too.

When you get to Mazatlan it takes at least an hour till they let you go. So it’s important to take it into a time calculation if you plan to ride south on the same day.

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