I’m 25 years old, pretty healthy (even if my lifestyle is not so much), I have loving family and many friends around the world, I visited many countries, saw amazing places and met fantastic people that gave me a believe that life is a gift.

I just finished a very meaningful job in Columbus, Ohio (never thought that I will ever come here) that didn’t make me reach, but game me a lot of satisfaction from daily communication with people, constantly teaching and learning new things and freedom to do almost any activity that I want. In other words – a lifetime experience for Ukrainian Jew, who moved to Israel and now, after 3 years of military service and 3 year of education in university trying to figure out how life should be in the future.

So why did I start to travel?

I feel that something is missing in my life and for years I’m trying to figure that out. I had countless conversations with different people trying to understand. Used help of professionals, parents, and spiritual teachers to get any direction. Learned many techniques to get my life under control. And I achieved a lot, but still not enough. Still it’s not a whole. You can call it quarter life crisis.

Maybe what is bothering me is an understanding that I’m leaving in a world that very sick and full of problems, injustice, ignorance and hypocrisy. And unfortunately, I as a single individual can not do much with that.. Or maybe I do, but I don’t know how. So the most natural conclusion is that I have to find my way to make this world a better place, at least for myself and for the people around me.

I have no idea how I’m going to make it. The best idea that I came up with is to travel on motorcycle and to have different experience till I’ll figure out (yes, I know, super cliche). To help that I decided to document everything. So basically this blog is a personal journey and the way to learn more about myself, hopefully with the help of other people.

And if you read this, please leave any suggestions that you feel will be helpful or any other constrictive feedback, including fixing grammar mistakes (English isn’t my native tongue).

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